CoEFFICIENT® Metrics is solving retail’s data challenges, the goldilocks problem and business analytics,

off-lease vehicles flooding the auto market, and the top trends in retail


JULY 2017


News + Updates for Store Ops Leaders

Simplify data with storytelling

CoEFFICIENT® Metrics: Solving Retail's Data Challenge with Machine Learning

Finding actionable data across thousands of metrics and tons of spreadsheets is nearly impossible. CoEFFICIENT Metrics surfaces opportunities through machine learning, freeing up your field and store teams to take action on what matters.

See How an Influx of Off-Lease Vehicles Creates New Challenges for the Auto Market

Deals Too Good to be True: Off-Lease Vehicles are Flooding the Auto Market

For years, car manufacturers have seen great success pushing car leases. However, in 2017 many of those leases will expire, doubling the amount of off-lease vehicles in the auto market. With pressure to maintain sales numbers year-over-year, many dealers are facing new challenges.

CoEFFICIENT Metrics helps you focus on five KPIs

The Goldilocks Problem and Business Analytics

Business analytics is a powerful tool, but sometimes there’s too much data to make decisions. Retailers are now looking for their Goldilocks solution: get just the right amount of data for optimal decision making. Read how CoEFFICIENT Metrics can help.

See the latest retail innovations

Top Trends in Retail: Think Outside the Box

With brick-and-mortar struggling, retailers are coming up with innovative ideas to remain competitive. These strategies include enhanced experiences, retail in your home, branded stores, and increased transparency through blockchain.



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