Find out how to balance localization and standardization with stores,

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Both have their place in retail, but communication is the key to finding the right balance.

One Size Does Not Fit All: Balancing Localization and Standardization

Individual stores tend to localize corporate initiatives to their specific needs. However, brand consistency and compliance suffer when localization is taken too far. Read our blog to see thoughts from experts and our recommendations on how to achieve balance.

District managers are unhappy in their jobs and they need more resources.

2018 State of the Store: Why District Managers are Dissatisfied

District Managers are the primary connection between stores and the corporate office. Despite their importance, we’ve found their overall job satisfaction is on the decline—reporting an eNPS of -17 in our recent research. Learn which obstacles lead to their unhappiness and what tools can empower them.

CoEFFICIENT helps close action items and promote accountability.

Best Practices Video: Close 60% More of Your Initiatives

Initiatives are important, but challenging to communicate. We’ve found when District Managers attach a KPI to an action item, initiatives are 60% more likely to close. Watch our best practices video to see how CoEFFICIENT® can help.

A highlight of our 2018 State of the Store report that shows the struggles of retail brands.

2018 State of the Store Highlights: The Broken Relationship Between Corporate and Stores

The good news: After surveying more than 1,300 Store Leaders, we discovered 80% believe they have a direct impact on performance. The bad news: Many struggle with misalignment, poor communication, and outdated tools. Read the highlights from our 2018 State of the Store report to see how you can help Store Leaders feel empowered and engaged in their roles.



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