The 2018 State of the Store Report is here, learn how we’re using machine learning to go

beyond business intelligence, and see how metrics can uncover the underlying factors of NPS.




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See the trends in store leadership in our latest report

Building the Relationship Between Store, Field, and the Brand

After surveying more than 1,300 Store and District Managers, we found 60% are concerned about the future of retail. Job satisfaction is also down, dropping from a positive score in 2015 to a negative in 2017. Read our annual report to discover the current state of the store and what you can do to empower your store leaders.

Square Root uses machine learning to go beyond BI

The Billy Beane of Business Intelligence

The MLB has gone through a statistical revolution made famous by the movie Moneyball. The movie tells the true story of Oakland Athletics' general manager, Billy Beane, who used advanced metrics to gain a competitive advantage in team building. Business Intelligence is now experiencing a similar revolution. See how we're using machine learning to change the way brands utilize data.

Improve NPS by digging deeper into metrics

Rethinking NPS One Metric at a Time

Many brands aspire to improve NPS, a metric that measures customer satisfaction. However, doing so is impossible if you don't understand the root causes. We use machine learning to drill into the underlying factors of each metric and offer tangible solutions that stores can actually implement. See how our actionable insights drive performance.



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