Read our takeaways Future Stores, explore how to bolster relationships between brands and retailers, get a pulse on your Store Leadership, and see how the Weekend Sales program can improve your reporting accuracy.

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MARCH 2018


News + Updates for Store Ops Leaders

Read to learn what we uncovered at this year’s Future Stores Conference in Miami

What are E-tailers Getting Right? This and More From Future Stores

E-tailers are retailers who are primarily focused online, but still have brick-and-mortar stores. Focusing on customer experience, they are changing the retail playbook by combining online data with the physical store experience. What does this mean for larger retailers? And how does technology fit into this trend? Read our Future Stores highlights to uncover this and more.

If retailers and brands could work more in concert, they could improve customer experience. Learn more.

Symbiosis Needed Between Brands and Retailers

As digital capabilities impact customers’ in-store experiences, it's important to strengthen the communication between retailers and brand manufacturers who sell through other store fronts. Gaps between the two can result in missed opportunities and, ultimately, a loss of revenue. Find out what is standing in the way.

Get a pulse on your store leadership. Benchmark your stores against our State of the Store report.

Store Ops Benchmark: Get Customized Insights from Our National Study

Every year, we survey District and Store Managers across retail segments to understand what makes them tick. The final product? Our comprehensive State of the Store report that highlights the challenges and opportunities your stores face. Curious how your team measures against our findings? For free, we'll survey your team, benchmark your stores, and provide you with a customized report.

 Weekend Sales can help improve reporting and data accuracy. See how it could benefit your team.

Weekend Sales: An Easy Win For Your Dealerships

Since implementing CoEFFICIENT® Weekend Sales, a major OEM saw a 3x increase in reporting rates, 56% improvement in data accuracy, and a reduction in administrative overhead. Read our blog to understand how Weekend Sales can improve your dealerships and connect with us at the NADA Conference in Las Vegas next week to learn more.



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