Check out our new infographic about the District Manager Dilemma, get up-to-date on the latest Convenience Store trends, read our advice to Agile Retailers, and learn why you should avoid shiny objects in your retail strategy.

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APRIL 2018


News + Updates for Store Ops Leaders

Research reveals District Managers are unhappy and unsupported

Key Retail Players Face A Huge Dilemma

Our 2018 State of the Store research revealed quite the dilemma for brands: District Managers—the key connectors between corporate-level initiatives and store-level execution—feel unsupported. In fact, their eNPS plummeted 22 points in the last two years. Check out our latest infographic, The District Manager Dilemma, to discover their pain points and how brands can equip them for success.

Retail trends are changing the way convenience stores operate

Big Changes Coming to the Convenience Store Industry

The convenience store of today is transforming into the fulfillment machine of tomorrow. From emerging tech to changing diets, the new demands of customers will only be met by the brands that drive timely changes in their stores.

An Agile methodology can keep retail brands ahead of consumer trends

On Agile Retail: Thoughts From An Agile Software Company

Take it from an Agile software company: Enlisting an Agile methodology can put retail brands ahead of always-changing customer needs. It catalyzes speedier processes, encourages experimentation and change, and ensures that decisions are truly data-driven. Read more from our VP of Product on how Agile retail can change the way your stores operate.

Forrester’s research says retail strategies should focus on tech that makes a lasting impact

Research Review: Forrester’s State of Retailing Online

Flashy innovations in retail technology are all the rage, but they often fail to drive sales or customer retention. Where should businesses turn to find a competitive advantage? The National Retail Federation partnered with Forrester to answer that question in their annual State of Retailing Online report. Read our commentary on their latest findings.



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