MARCH 2017


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Gain insights on the organizational challenges

The Layers of Loss Prevention

While theft is a large part of shrink, often it has to do with organizational challenges. Read to see how better communication and visibility can help solve this complicated problem.

Are you taking full advantage of your data?

Dear Retailers, You Can Stop Chasing Data

Retailers spend upwards of $26 million a year on data-related initiatives. Despite that big investment, many retailers are still chasing down data with little-to-no action.

It’s true, people matter more than the products

Confessions of a Store Manager: Why People Are Your Best Investment

How can you improve store traffic? Invest more in your people. See why this one thing could get customers driving across town to your stores.


Datanami: Data Opportunities Slipping Through the Cracks

Forty-percent of companies struggle to take action on data, but more than 90% believe better use of their data would directly impact their long-term success. Simply put: There’s a gap between what companies can do with data and what they’re actually doing. See more from Datanami.



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